Spotlight Project Supports Children Affected by Domestic and Sexual Violence

The Spotlight project run by EdShift is just one of many programmes we fund to better the lives of people in Calderdale. If you would like to find out about other betterment programmes, speak to Steve or Rachel.

We like to focus on different projects, and this month we are sharing the success of the Spotlight project. Edshift helps redefine relationships for young people. They help children living with domestic abuse. Spotlight gives children the resilience, hope, and skills to navigate a difficult journey and manage the demands of their home environment. It’s been a brilliant success, 100% of the children who took part felt safer, knew what to do in an emergency, found it easier to talk about their emotions and generally felt more positive.

Don’t take our word for it, hear more about the project in this short video here If there is a particular issue you would like to discuss and find out what projects are helping improve peoples’ lives, or have a particular passion about preventing a specific hardship, please speak to Steve and Rachel.

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