Grant Applications rejection appeals process

The Community Foundation for Calderdale provides information and support to help organisations to make applications to its grants programmes. Help and assistance is also available from organisations such as the VSI Alliance.

Grant applications processing

Each grant application is treated on its own merits and according to how well it fits with CFFC Grants Policy and according to the priorities of whichever grant programme the application is to.

Each application is assessed and verified by the Grants Team at CFFC which will ensure that all required documentation is provided, and that the application is clear.

NB If required documentation Is not received by CFFC by the date of the deadline for receipt of applications, those applications do not go to the next Grants Panel.

The Grants panel meet on a regular basis and are provided with all relevant material on which to base their decision.

Our aim is to inform grant applicants of a decision not longer than 16 weeks after submission of an application.

If an application is rejected our aim is to provide a concise but informative reason for the rejection.

Challenging Decisions

Sometimes applicants may feel that their applications have not been judged fairly and may take issue when the application has been turned down or if the awarded amount is less than they were hoping.

CFFC is happy to discuss how future applications can be improved, however we are unable to change a Grants panel decision unless the Panel agrees via the Appeals process.

Applicants can go through the appeals process if they wish to challenge a decision. If the Appeals process is entered then CFFC will not be able to discuss the Application outside of this process, described below.

Grant Applications Appeals process.

  1. Grant Applications are considered by the Grants Committee
  2. Grant Applicants contacts receive the result of their application by email from CFFC
  3. If the Grant Application is rejected, brief reasons for the rejection, (normally no more than 30 words) are given in the email, as is advice about this appeals process.
  4. If a Grant applicant wishes to appeal a decision of the Grants Committee they need to submit a letter of appeal and send this to the Grants Manager within 10 days of receiving their notification email letter from CFFC.
  5. The letter needs to contain the nature of the appeal and refer to the reasons why the grant was turned down or not funded fully and provide extra information and evidence which are the basis of the appeal and why the original decision should be reversed.
  6. On receipt of this letter of appeal the Grants manager will inform the CEO of CFFC that an appeal has been received and will send the letter and application and original comments on the application to the Grants Committee members who must provide a response within 10 days of the date of the appeal letter.
  7. The Grants Committee response will be forwarded to the Applicant.
  8. If the Grant Applicant is still not satisfied they must write to the CEO of the CFFC within 10 days of receiving their post appeal decision letter.
  9. The CEO will consult the Chair of the CFFC Board of Trustees and conduct an investigation and will respond with a decision with a further 10 days.