A vital family service has been saved from closure.

A vital family service in Todmorden has been saved from closure thanks to funding from a Community Benefit Fund set up with the Community Foundation for Calderdale by Renewable Energy Systems (who manage the Todmorden Wind Farm).

Thanks to our grant, the service provided by local charity Home-Start Calderdale has continued to support vulnerable families in Todmorden struggling with issues such as post-natal depression, isolation, physical health problems, and bereavement. Families have been supported, in the form of weekly home visits from a dedicated family support officer.

Families report considerable improvements: in feeling able to manage household budgets, in handling children’s behaviour, in day to day running of the household, and in parents’ self-esteem and coping capacity.

The funding has also enabled Home-Start to secure local premises and train seven new volunteers; these volunteers have worked with 22 vulnerable families including 56 children.

One mum said: “They kept me going when I was finding parenting three children, one of whom has Down’s Syndrome, with little support from family, practically impossible to do”.

“The financial support from the Community Foundation has been a vital helping hand. Thank you so much.”

Linda, Senior Coordinator Home-Start Calderdale.