Updating L4N members about what is happening at CFFC

As a regular member of L4N (Ladies 4 Networking, a monthly networking event), when organiser Liz Kenny realised that some members weren’t clear what the Community Foundation does and the positive impact we have, she asked CFFC Marketing Manager, Rachel Oates to do a presentation for their members to improve their understanding.

Rachel titled the presentation ‘Why I Have the Best Job in the World’. After explaining how Community Foundations work and why they were set up, she talked about the wide-ranging issues we care about and fund to do proactive and reactive work.

So many people will have either benefited from one of the projects we have funded, or their friends, families, neighbours, colleagues, or customers will have so it was an emotional journey. There were a few tears recognising that we still have some difficult issues to grapple with in our society but there was also lots of laughter and hope for a brighter future for our communities.

Organiser Liz Kenny remarked, “It was interesting that Rachel gave a list of different ways to give such as sharing posts on social media or volunteering, it wasn’t just all about donating money.”

Rachel added, “It’s not all about the money, there are lots of ways to contribute to help make Calderdale a nicer place to live and be part of a bigger movement making a difference.”

If you would like to have a chat about how you could get involved, email rachel@cffc.co.uk or call 07550094913.

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