Recap of the July 2023 Membership Networking Event

We held the July 2023 membership event in the training room at Flat Stan First Aid on Thursday 20th July 2023 showcasing the facilities after Rachel and Liz from CFFC thoroughly enjoyed their first aid training with Simon Ferris here and wanted to show other people and endorse his course. The event was sponsored by Elcons who kindly provided lunch. For those of you who haven’t had the pleasure of meeting the Elcons team, trust us, they are brilliant! The values of the Elcons team set the tone for the event; professional, smart, but most of all fun.

Open networking was followed by Rachel Oates giving an overview of what has been happening at the Community Foundation before introducing Elcons. Rather than having a boring speech, we thought that a better way for Elcons to demonstrate the type of HR consultancy they are was to ask questions. Johanna and Julie shared insights such as ‘what has been the weirdest thing you have had to sack someone for?’ (only the people who were at the event are privy to this information). When asked what a good interview question is, Johanna asked “What would you do if I put you in a cage with a lion?” She then explained how different answers give insight into the type of employee they might be. It’s fair to say it was educational, thought provoking and highly entertaining.

James Mellor shared that he has got funding to produce a short documentary celebrating 150 years of Rugby League in Halifax, but what they really want to do is produce a feature film about it. For this, they need crowd funding. If you can donate, brilliant, and if you are not in a position to donate, they would be very appreciative if you could share the post on social media to spread the word worldwide. Here is the link to the article explaining more in the Halifax Courier:

Have a look through the gallery below and if you thought it was a good event and would like to come to the next one on 30th August, sponsored by Appleyard Lees, here is the link to book on:

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