Wow! What a View!

There are many benefits to walking, both physical and mental. We’re excited to let you know we’re planning 6 walks around Calderdale over the Spring and Summer months. Keep an eye on our social media or check our Events page for news about the next one.

Withens Clough and Stoodley Pike

Once again, guided by Lisa Kempster from Best You Health, but this time in a more rural setting, we donned our walking boots and set off on a refreshing walk in Todmorden. (Check out the gallery below).

Starting at the free Yorkshire Water car park, we were greeted with serene beauty in only a matter of steps, as our trek got underway along the edge of Withens Clough reservoir. Navigating the perimeter of the water, accompanied only by the sound of friendly introductions and new connections, we tackled a few rustic stiles as we began our ascent up the rocky moorland path.

As the size of the reservoir decreased over our shoulders, the grandeur of the view only grew. After a quick photo and energy pit-stop, we continued onward until we breached the brow of the hill – the distant Stoodley Pike Monument coming into sight.

The chatter within our group, occasionally interrupted by a moo, here and a baa, there, effused the energy of a networking event, with people excitedly planning collaborative affairs. Something about the great outdoors stimulates creative thought.

As we strode closer to the monument, its grand scale became increasingly apparent. Built in 1856, and designed by local architect James Green, it stands 121 ft tall. A spiral staircase inside the monument allows you to reach a viewing balcony. Sadly, the resident cattle were not permitting guests on this particular day.

The descent back down the 1,300 ft high hill was steady. A grassy moorland path and narrow country lane later, and we landed back at the car park. Just time for a few email address exchanges and LinkedIn connections, before farewell gestures about seeing everyone on our next walk.

See you on Friday, 21st July at Scammonden Reservoir.

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