CFFC Donor thanks staff with Tim Tams

Neil Davidson who holds his Community CPR Fund with CFFC has recently returned to the UK after visiting his Son Oliver in Australia. He called in at CFFC to thank staff with Tim Tams so we could catch up with a cup of Yorkshire Tea and an Australian biscuit. He wanted to thank the staff for knowing he could rely on them to still be paying out grants and making sure the money from his fund was put to good use whilst he was on an extended holiday.

When Oliver was 25 years old, Neil Davidson had a cardiac arrest at 3.00 am, just as Oliver was due to fly back to Australian the next morning. Luckily for Neils Wife Janice, Oliver had leant CPR at Rishworth School when he was 15 years old, so was able to perform CPR for 21 minutes until the paramedics arrived which saved his life.

Less than 1 in 10 people survive a cardiac arrest outside of hospital so Neil was one of the lucky ones and the legacy of his near death experience has made him passionate about everyone knowing CPR and increasing the survival rate. This led him to set up the Community CPR Fund which pays for CPR training for not-for-profit organisations to learn how to do CPR, for defib training and towards defibs in the community.

Neil and Janice went to visit their son Oliver who lives in Brisbane, Australia and celebrate his graduation from The University of Sydney where he studied for a Masters in Nursing and has gone onto work in the Cardiology Department as he is passionate about improving survival rates too.

Neil is now back to fundraising and is busy organising a golf day on Thursday 8th June at West End Golf Club which will raise more money for his fund and will be given out to help improve the cardiac arrest survival rate in Calderdale.

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