Thanks to new members, we’ve been able to give out an additional £16,700 in grants to local charities.

Who knew that Yorkshire people like free money?! We have incentivised new people and businesses to join as Friends of the Foundation or Foundation Club members with match funding, and it’s been a great success. Firstly, we decided that rather than having membership go towards our core costs, 100% of it would go out as a grant. Then, we agreed to match fund it, so if a Foundation Club member pays £600 a year, actually £1,200 goes out as a grant.

This has meant that we have given £16,700 in additional grants, all because of the kind people who have joined as members; if they hadn’t joined, that money wouldn’t have been given out.

Thank you to everyone who has become a member, and if you haven’t yet, here is the link to find out more and apply – CFFC Membership

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