Foundation Club

Do you or your business already support local charities? Do you want a strategy to follow to maximise your corporate social responsibility?  Do you wish you could achive more without putting a lot more effort in?

The Foundation Club is a group of like- minded local people who care about making a difference in Calderdale.

There are many benefits to joining the Club, including:

Your membership fee/donation (£50 monthly) does two things:

  • first, it is used as a contribution to the Community Foundation’s running costs, helping us to sustain and further develop our catalyst role and our impact
  • second, as an introductory offer for the first year of membership, the Foundation will match-fund your membership fee/donation pound-for-pound and convert this into a charitable donation to a cause of your choice.

In addition, Foundation Club members:

  • receive regular email updates on the work of the Foundation, tailored to your interests, which you can share with your family, customers, or staff
  • have the opportunity to engage more intentionally in the Foundation’s work and impact, for instance via a new programme of after-work Reception Events for supporters and potential new supporters.

Complete the application form HERE

The application form will ask you to choose where your match funded donation should be spent. We recommend choosing one of our strategic priority themes, on the basis that these have been identified from our Vital Signs research as the most pressing issues facing local people. You can read more about our priority themes and Vital Signs research HERE. Alternatively, you can choose a theme from the drop-down list on the form.

We will then ensure your match funded donation goes to an appropriate local charity supporting local people in your chosen priority theme, when they need it most.