Norland ‘Moor sunshine’, please.

Norland Moor was the destination for our April walk. The handy carpark served as the source of our trek, and it felt warming to see it gradually fill up as people arrived to join our 10.00 am walk and talk.

With people representing a variety of organisations, there was plenty of opportunity to have interesting and positive conversations.

However, the cooling breeze and contrast-y clouds offered a caution for what was about to fall from above, as mere metres into our Norland Moor walk the rain announced its omnipresence. Aided by its swirling friend, droplets of wet danced on the gusts to embrace us from all three dimensions.

But before we could say “I should have worn more appropriate clothing”, it stopped. And, like a meteorological tag-team, was replaced by glorious sunshine. Hoods came down, smiles beamed out, and the conversations continued.

It was great to see many new faces on our outing, as making these connections gives even more value to the benefits of going for a walk. And being able to highlight all the amazing walking routes we are blessed with in Calderdale, only strengthens our affinity to this beautiful place and the people who live and work here.

If you would like to come along to our next walk, we’ll be enjoying more spectacular views up Beacon Hill and around Shibden on Friday 31st May. Keep an eye on our social media for more updates.

Check out the gallery of today’s walk, below.

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