Norland Moor in the Fog

Fog everywhere.

Our monthly walks have given us baking sunshine, torrential rain, and now this…

Norland Moor, a beloved local gem (according to a few members of the CFFC team), recently became the backdrop for an extraordinary event, as if written by Arthur Conan Doyle, himself. On this misty morning, several intrepid members of the community came together to embark on an unforgettable journey through the thick, atmospheric fog.

Upon our arrival at Norland Park, it became apparent the moor had transformed into an ethereal wonderland. Undaunted by the weather, we assembled at the trailhead, ready to explore the unknown. The fog added an air of enchantment, muffling our voices and turning familiar paths into winding trails.

As we ventured deeper into the moor, hidden treasures emerged. Dewdrops on spiderwebs glistened like diamonds, while mysterious bird calls echoed through the mist, “That’s a crow!”, declared Danny, like a professor of the macabre. The fog forced our guide, Lisa, to rely on her senses, making every step an adventure in itself. 

But the real beauty of the day lay in the connections we forged. We laughed, shared stories, and supported each other through the journey. The fog lifted as we made our way back to the park, revealing the moor’s familiar landscape.

Our foggy escapade was one to remember, as we look forward with wonder as to what surprises await our next trek, around Ogden Water in October . . . .

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