Debt Support for People in Calderdale

 Noah’s Ark have providing debt and insolvency advice in Calderdale for years. Over the last 18 months, people who may not have experienced debt previously, have had money worries. They offer everything from courses to learn how to budget, right through to counselling and advice to become debt free.

During the pandemic they:

  • Supported 181 Calderdale families to become debt free
  • Prepared and distributed over 12,000 frozen ready meals
  • Gave out 2,500 food parcels to over 5,000 families & individuals
  • Created a recipe booklet, with 2,000 copies printed and distributed
  • Recorded 10 recipe videos that are available their YouTube channel.
  • In conjunction with Halifax Opportunities Trust continued to run their budgeting courses.
  • In conjunction with ACTS435, supported 249 individuals and families with small cash donations totalling £31,110
  • Launched the Inspire employments support project.

If you know someone who would benefit from their help, visit

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