Calderdale Community Spirit Awards


The awards ceremony will take place on Thursday 23rd November 2023 at The Venue, Barkisland. The dress code has traditionally been Black Tie and National Dress, but we encourage you to Dress to Impress – Yourself. As we are trying to reduce our carbon footprint, we encourage you to reuse something you already have or recycle clothing into a new outfit, or shop at a charity shop.           

Young Community Champion Award

Awarded to a young person 21 years old or under, that has made a positive contribution in their community through activities such as volunteering or campaigning. The young person will have made these achievements through the interaction with a single project or a range of services and must be nominated for the Award by an adult professional.


– Abigayle Robson
– Cameron Lynch
– Ella Jancovich
– Francesca Houseman
– Harry Wardman
– Keira Keegan
– Madison Lord
– Mal Goss
– Malakai Alderson
– Oscar Lister 
– Ruby Geddes
– Ryburn Valley High School LGBT Committee

Best New Charity

Awarded to a charity (registered after September 2021) that has made a demonstrable impact since its foundation, achieved awareness of its cause, mission and activities, and set the foundations of excellent management and accountability for the future.


– Foundry Street Community Centre
– Outside the Box CIO

Volunteer Of The Year Award

Awarded to the volunteer who has displayed the greatest commitment and achievement to a charity, voluntary sector organisation or the community.



– Ameen Yousaf  
– Carol Gray
– Irene Crowther 
– Rachel Atherton
– Ray McLaughlin

Great & Green Award

Awarded to an individual, school community group or charity which is having a positive impact on the community and/or raising the profile of environmental issues.


– Climate Challenge, Todmorden College 

– North Halifax Partnership 
– St. Augustine’s Centre

Arts & Culture Award

Awarded to a charity or community group active in the arts (visual arts-music-film-photography-writing-drama- dance-design) which has demonstrated passion and enthusiasm in making a significant contribution to the wider community.


– The Arts Charity at Dean Clough (ACDC)
– Happy Valley Pride 
– Nurturing Creativity 
– Tod Hippodrome Theatre

Outstanding Individual Achievement

Awarded to a person who has demonstrated dedication, professionalism and integrity throughout their career, and who has produced a demonstrably positive effect on the sector through their work and management over at least a 15 year period.


The Outstanding Individual Achievement Award winner will be announced at the Awards ceremony.

Breakthrough Of The Year Award

Awarded to a charity or community group for successfully developing something new or different. Areas could include supporter and/or donor engagement, putting a piece of research to good use, extending the reach of the charity or introducing a new way of working.


– Colt Enterprise
– EdShift
– Rokt Menopause 
– The Charity Shop Gift Card 

Best Response To The COLC

Awarded to a not-for profit organisation or individual who has responded to the Cost of Living Crisis and has demonstrated exceptional effort in creating a more resilient, inclusive, and supportive society for those navigating the challenges of the cost of living crisis. Through innovative and effective measures, they have positively impacted the lives of individuals and communities, assisting them in coping with the financial strains associated with the cost of living. They must demonstrate a measurable impact, sustainability, and how they have engaged with those in most need.  The award aims to celebrate and encourage initiatives that foster financial stability, help people budget effectively, spread the cost of essentials, establish social supermarkets, and generate additional income for those in need.


– EdShift
– Focus 4 Hope
– Food For families
– Halifax Fridge
– Noah’s Ark

Best Marketing Campaign Award

Awarded for a marketing campaign that used one or more of the following, social media, website/microsite, printed press, adverts, leaflets, video content, social activity campaign. May also include giveaways.


– Forget Me Not – Every Minute Matters 
– Halifax Opportunities Trust ‘Creating Opportunities for 21 years’ 
– Healthy Minds #UnwindYourMind
– ROKT Foundation – Climbing for All Families

Charity Of The Year Award

Awarded to a charity that has delivered outstanding service to its beneficiaries, promoted and raised its cause, been clear in its goals and strategy, and demonstrated excellence, especially within the last year.



– 51st Pellon Scouts 
– Arch-Way Project
– Calderdale and Huddersfield NHS Charity
– Happy Valley Pride
– North Halifax Partnership
– Overgate

Lifetime Achievement Award

The Judges choose the winner of the Lifetime Achievement Award to someone in the not-for-profit sector in Calderdale who, over their lifetime, has made a significant and measurable impact on the community. The winner will have demonstrated unwavering dedication and passion to facilitating progress in their field and with a distinguished record service. Their remarkable contribution will leave a lasting legacy and is a shining example of compassion, leadership, and innovation, showcasing a long-term commitment to addressing local needs and fostering social progress. Their exceptional achievements and tireless efforts set a benchmark for future generations, inspiring them to follow in their footsteps for the betterment of Calderdale.


The Lifetime Achievement Award winner will be announced at the Awards ceremony.

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