CFFC Collaborate with Leeds CF to present at the Yorkshire STEP meeting

We were invited to speak at the Yorkshire STEP (Society of Trusts and Estate Planning) Meeting at the Hilton and it was a brilliant event. There were some fantastic people there who as well as being absolutely full of knowledge, were genuinely nice people. It’s going to be nice to keep in touch and work together in the future.

Key takeaways from this meeting were:

  • Collaboration adds value. We worked with Helen Ball from Leeds Community Foundation on the presentation about ‘What are Community Foundations’ and two heads are definitely better than one.
  • Jodie Barwick Bell (who had landed at 2.00 pm on a delayed flight from Italy) gave an insightful presentation on ‘What Drives Philanthropy?’ which included some interesting facts including ‘At the height of the pandemic in 2020, it was reported that up to a fifth of people in the UK were giving to charities that supported the NHS or were linked to healthcare.’ Source: NPT UK Ltd
  • Jodie talked about the breadth of philanthropy, from giving money, being invested in making a difference to a cause you care about, right through to Social Investing (buying a property and letting it out to a Not For Profit Organisation for either below market value or for free, but the investor can still benefit from the gains on the property).
  • Adam Martell gave a presentation that was thought provoking about how you can build impact investing into an investment philosophy. It is possible to get a financial return as well as having a positive social and environmental impact. Building decarbonisation, water sustainability, digitalisation, ageing populations, demographics, and capital preservation into an investment philosophy is possible and these fed from the UN Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Tower Street Finance sponsored the event and it’s great to see companies still offering their support not only through financial sponsorship, but actually being there in person building stronger relationships.

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