Professional Advisors Keep up to date with LGBT+ terminology and employers responsibilities

We host an event for Professional Advisors (people who give professional advice to businesses in Calderdale, such as Accountants, Lawyers, Insurance, Marketing, IT, etc) as a platform for them to network and form relationships with other Advisors and also feel supported in the challenges they are facing personally and professionally. 

Emma Baker from Elcons joined the call from Crete and talked about LGBT+ terminology, experiences and provided a safe place for people to ask questions to get a better understanding of how we can be more inclusive.

It was a really informative session and gave us greater insight to be more inclusive. Emma shared information around employers responsibilities and also how to avoid discrimination claims. People on the call came away feeling motivated to take action to be more inclusive with actions they could implement straight away, as well of course having a better understanding on what will lead to an employment tribunal.

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