Calderdale Interfaith Event Brings Communities Together

Around 70 people came together at Heath URC Church on 5th April 2023 for the Calderdale Interfaith event. The lovely thing about this event was that it brought together people who have a faith and atheists. everyone was brought together to understand each other better and it brought together the festivals of Ramadan, Passover, and Easter. The conversations were about sharing how much we have in common and how fasting and discipline runs through many religions.

There were some really interesting speeches to give everyone in the room a greater understanding about Ramadan, Passover, and Easter. The prayers were really meaningful and people commented how the prayers had touched them.

Everyone brought food as I think there is a greater connection made when people ‘break bread’ together.

The fast was broken with dates and then we ‘broke bread’ (or matzah’s). Katie Clarke shared the story of how her family started making Rakusen’s matzahs (Jewish unleavened bread) in Leeds and proudly showed us the packet showing that it is made in Yorkshire.

As I’m sure you’ll imagine, the food was absolutely delicious and we ate everything from salmon and simnel cake, matzahs with salted egg, herbs, and apple, through to Sabir Hussains famous red lentil curry. Everyone pitched in to help clear up, and I even found Calderdale Council’s Ian Day in the kitchen helping with washing up.

We caught up with old friends and made new friends, and one thing is for certain, we are looking forward to all getting again at the same time next year to celebrate the three festivals and share what we have in common.

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