CFFC-Funded Projects

Here are a few of the projects displaying our plaques that have been awarded funding from CFFC and a brief description of why they are so important to the local community.

St Augustine's Centre

St Augustine’s Centre is a specialist charity operating in Calderdale who focus on helping individuals in the asylum-seeking and refugee process.

They offer a range of services, including immigration and asylum advice, as well as one-on-one assistance with welfare, housing, health, and accessing various support services. Known for their comprehensive and individualised approach, they provide a welcoming and safe environment. Their offerings extend to English language classes, training sessions, creative endeavours, social events, sports activities, and well-being programs, along with opportunities for volunteering and trips. Additionally, they run a befriending and integration service.

The charity’s Centre features amenities such as a free shop, salon, relaxation area, garden, and facilities for refurbishing bikes and second-hand technology. Plus, they operate the Welcome Café on Mondays and Thursdays, providing complimentary cooked meals to all visitors.

They are the only organisation in Calderdale specialising in supporting people fleeing war and persecution, working with 1,700 women, men, and children seeking asylum and new refugees annually.


Calderdale WomenCentre

WomenCentre is a local charity supporting over 4,000 women annually in Calderdale, Kirklees, and Bradford. They help women in difficult situations achieve long-term positive changes through four pillars: Prevention, Intervention, Recovery, and Empowerment. Their mission is to support disadvantaged or excluded women, promoting equality and a better quality of life where every woman feels empowered and fulfilled.

Services include domestic abuse support, counselling, and assistance with housing, financial issues, and mental health. They provide one to one and group interventions, enabling women to progress on their journey of recovery, strengthening their resilience and sense of belonging. Volunteers play a crucial role, benefiting from their involvement.

WomenCentre is developing a 5-year strategic plan, involving staff, volunteers, Trustees, and the women they support, ensuring their services remain relevant and effective in meeting women’s evolving needs.

Hebden Bridge Community Association

Hebden Bridge Community Association manages the community-owned Town Hall, providing a space for collaboration, creativity, meetings, and celebrations. Acting as a creative connector, they build partnerships and open new possibilities. Their three strategic objectives are to expand community engagement inside and outside the Town Hall, create an environment for businesses to connect and thrive, and ensure the Town Hall’s long-term viability.

Home to a vibrant community of around 60 small businesses, they support business growth through networking, skills sharing, and business support. Additionally, they are the Staying Well and Active Calderdale provider for the Upper Calder Valley, offering community solutions and positively impacting the social lives of older, vulnerable, or isolated people.

Halifax Minster

Halifax Minster, the oldest building in Calderdale, was built by Benedictine monks around 900 years ago. As a Major Church in the Church of England’s Anglican Diocese of Leeds, it has historically served as a significant cultural and community hub in Halifax, providing support during local and national events. Now a major tourist attraction, the Minster continues to be a focal point for cultural activities.

The Minster hosts a rich cultural programme, allowing performers to enjoy its unique acoustics for music and providing a heritage space for exhibitions. Events include various groups, including those focused on health and well-being, black and ethnic minority communities, children, and young people. The Festival program ensures accessibility for all community members, particularly those who perceive barriers to entering the Minster.

Halifax Opportunities Trust

Halifax Opportunities Trust, established in 2000 in Park Ward by local residents, aims to create vibrant, self-sustaining communities and alleviate poverty by helping people find better jobs, learn new skills, start or grow businesses, and support their families. Their work is structured into six key areas: Employment, Learning, Wellbeing, Enterprise, Inclusive Integration, and Children & Families, with a strong focus on Park Ward.

The Trust engages disadvantaged individuals, providing wraparound support to help them thrive. A notable project, the Outback community kitchen and garden, improves health, wellbeing, confidence, and practical skills through volunteering, cooking, gardening activities, and outdoor learning. The Outback serves as a safe, welcoming space for locals, many of whom are unemployed, low-income, or face barriers like language issues or digital exclusion. In 2023, the Outback provided 53 people with volunteering opportunities and delivered 184 practical sessions, helping participants gain skills and confidence without encouraging dependency.

51st Pellon Scout Group

The 51st Pellon Scout Group, established in 2012, welcomes over 100 young people (aged between 6-25) and 35 leaders weekly. It has been a lifeline for many local families, providing children with opportunities to learn new skills, travel across the country, and connect with people globally. Many children, who have limited experiences outside school, benefit immensely from these activities. All volunteers are from the local community, including many parents, and the group offers training and upskilling opportunities, re-engaging those who had been disconnected from community life.

As the first to offer the Scout programme to the local Muslim community, the group is a pioneer in community engagement, winning numerous awards such as the Charity of the Year at the Community Spirit Awards 2023, the County Commissioners Commendation Award, and the King’s Award for Voluntary Service.

Its impact extends beyond young people, enabling volunteers to make positive societal contributions through training and partnerships with local organisations. The group also supports families financially through a hardship fund, subsidising trips, and offering free membership to low-income and refugee families, transforming the community in unprecedented ways.