Nigel Helps Calderdale Professionals Become #LinkedInCredible

What started as an event to support Professional Advisors during lockdown has continued to run as we’ve had great feedback about the quality of content and also the connections that people have made. At our last event hold on zoom, Trustee of CFFC, Nigel Cliffe hosted an interactive and engaging session on LinkedIn and how to take our usage to the next level. Nigel delivers LinkedIn training nationally and internationally, so we were grateful that Nigel gifted his time and knowledge to help others on the call. Like it or loathe it, social media is not going away and for most professionals, it is an important platform to be seen and heard on. Those of you who have been on Nigel’s course will know that he delivers content in easy to manage chunks that are easy to implement. He doesn’t bamboozle you or overload you with information and his enthusiasm makes you want to spend time utilising this to help your business.

If you’re interested in going on one of Nigel’s courses, visit

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