What is www.thefirstplacefor.info?

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  • July 4, 2013

The First Place for .info is a community portal created after a survey was carried out by CFFC that concluded that during the Flooding in 2012 better communication between for real time information was needed.

It was recognised that during the flooding on-line communication work well however we recognise that the internet can overload you with information – via Twitter, Facebook, a range of other social media channels and numerous websites. It can be time consuming to filter out the ‘noise’ and find the information that you need.

www.thefirstplacefor.info is responding to these challenges by providing a ‘place’ where you can find out and share information about your community.  It is all-inclusive and doesn’t cost anything. We want to be a central point for sharing local events, news and information.

The site will have two distinct functions:

  • Day-to-day life in and around Calderdale

Share information with like-minded people in your community, connect with people of similar interests, see reviews about places in Calderdale, find out about the most up-to-date news, and access information to help you be better prepared for times of emergency, such as how to put together flood plans or how to learn basic first-aid techniques.

  •  Pre and Post crisis – inevitably there will be times when unexpected things happen

We have engaged with emergency authorities and news providers so that we can be a real-time source of trusted information to help you make the right decisions if there is a crisis.

The discussions, groups and social media feeds on the site will enable people to work together more effectively and better co-ordinate real time help and post-crisis clear-up.

How can you get involved?

We have created a directory on the website on a range of topics and we are inviting you to be a regular contributor writing about, or linking visitors to, your area of expertise.

Email us at thefirstplaceforinfo@gmail.com with information about your group, newsletters, events, stories, news, blogs etc.

Tweet us – include #firstplacefor in your tweets. You can also follow us @firstplacefor

Facebook – ‘Like’ our Facebook Page www.facebook.com/TheFirstPlaceForInfoInCalderdale  

Content contribution – Become a regular contributor thefirstplaceforinfo@gmail.com

The Project has been sported and funded by Community Foundation for Calderdale, The Marketing Lab, DEFRA & CMBC the project will be managed by CFFC and the Marketing Lab.

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