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Apply for grants by video guidance

How to apply for a grant by video

CFFC will accept applications by video on request from applicant organisations and see this as a reasonable adjustment to make our processes more accessible.

If you would like to apply for a grant by video you can telephone 01422 349700, or email the grants team on grants@cffc.co.uk, outlining why you would like to apply by video, and answering the questions below:

  • Name of group
  • Name of contact
  • Why you think applying by video as a reasonable adjustment is appropriate for you and/or your organisation

NB: The guidance for the programme will say if applications by video are an option

What we need in your video

If CFFC agrees to accept a video application from your organisation, you need to make sure that your video provides all the information we’ve asked for in the application guidance.

This should include:

  • Organisation name and address and contact details (phone and email)
  • Main contact name and contact details
  • What the organisation does and what type of organisation it is (e.g. charity, CiC, CIO etc)
  • Number of staff and volunteers the organisation has
  • What is the project for which you want a grant, tell us what it’s called, how will you spend this grant to address the need in your area, bearing in mind the Vital Signs priorities?
  • Please explain how you know that the people in your community want this project/activity and what evidence have you collected to demonstrate this
  • What positive changes would this grant make to the lives of people who use your project/service?
  • How do you see this project/activity progressing after this funding comes to an end or do you see this as a one-off project/activity?
  • Please tell us what Vital Signs theme your project will support: Strong Communities, Housing & Homelessness, Health and Wellbeing or , Disadvantage & Exclusion)
  • What will the outcomes be? Please see the drop-down list on the online application form
  • Tell us about the beneficiaries and how many there will be:
    • Which area of Calderdale they are from
    • Ethnicity
    • Age
    • Gender
  • Tell us about your budget, how much you want from CFFC, and what type of things you want to spend the grant on.

Remember we will still need you to send us documents including:

  • Constitution
  • Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults/Child Protection Policy
  • Risk assessment for activity (if appropriate)
  • Up to date accounts
  • Committee Members List
  • Quotes/Estimates/Costs (where applicable) as outlined in Section 4 of your application
  • Bank Statement to facilitate payment by Bank Transfer – in the event your group is awarded
  • Equalities & Diversity Policy
  • Any other supporting documents that you think will help us decide on your application

How to make your video

Don’t worry too much about the style of the video. We just need the sound to be clear and be able to hear what you’re saying.

Avoid filming in places with too much background noise like outdoors, in a busy café or office. A quiet empty room is a good place to film in. You can film it on a smart phone if you want.

Your video should be about 5 minutes long but no longer than 12 minutes.

If you’re going to take videos of people taking part in your project, make sure you get their consent first. You would normally do this with a consent form (see example here) Find information about consent from the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO).

You will need to upload your video to an online video hosting site, examples of video hosting sites include Dropbox, Google Drive and YouTube.

How we will view your video

We will only access your video through the website that’s hosting it (which is also called the ‘host site’). Our internal system will only have a copy of the link to the video and not the video itself. We will watch the video and write a summary of it. It will be viewed by staff looking at your application and taking part in our panel.

It’s your responsibility to remove the video from the host site after a final decision is made. Read the host site’s own privacy notice.

If you’re using YouTube, choose an unlisted YouTube video, as this will not be seen publicly.

Enter the full website address (URL) for your video. Make sure the website address is correct so we can watch your video. The full website address will include all the letters and symbols at the beginning of the URL. This includes the http:// or https:// at the start.

How we will assess your video

If you choose to apply by video, you will be assessed the same as if you had applied in writing.

Any questions?

Contact the Grants Team on 01422 349700 grants@cffc.co.uk

You can get help with your Grant Application by emailing the VSI Alliance, info@vsialliance.org.uk