The North Halifax Social Activities Fund has now closed


North Halifax Social Activities Fund 2023-24


Please read the guidelines, then click the button below to access the application form.

The North Halifax Social Activities Fund is funded by a donor from a very successful North Halifax business who want to help support and make a difference in their community.

In 2022 the fund supported 12 organisations in North Halifax who provide sports activities to the community.

For this year the fund has developed and will focus on developing social activities for the North Halifax Communities of Ovenden, Lee Mount, Mixenden and Illingworth.

There are 3 main criteria for the fund, which applicants must meet one or more of.

They are:

a)            To provide new community activities targeted at working aged people, especially women, tackling safety concerns, providing positive social and activities that promote women’s safety for women of all ages. The aim is to tackle social isolation, build up people’s mental health and community connections, and to help sign post people on to get support if they have particular complex issues.

b)            Positive activities for young people up to age 18, with an emphasis at diverting young people involved in or potentially involved in anti-social behaviour. This could include traditional youth club type activities, subsidised access to sports activities, support with homework clubs and extra tuition, youth outreach projects working directly with young people on the streets, etc.

c)            Supporting community buildings with core costs: open to community organisations that can show that they are well-used by the community of North Halifax and which meet clear needs and which are struggling with increased running costs due to increase in fuel costs etc.

We are asking for applications for projects up to £5k, or up to £10k when a project looks outstanding, over a year, that meet one or more of these criteria.

We would encourage organisations to use community led/owned venues in the North Halifax area.

This is an open funding round based on these criteria.

Who can apply?

Constituted voluntary, community and faith groups run for and by local people in North Halifax area (Ovenden, Illingworth and Mixenden) (Note: Individuals cannot apply).

Registered charities and groups with charitable purposes working in North Halifax area (Ovenden, Illingworth and Mixenden), (including Charitable Incorporated Organisations, IPS etc).

Community Interest Companies (CICs) who do not, and cannot, pay dividends (see below for further criteria for CiCs and Social Enterprises).

Community Amateur Sports Clubs (CASCs) whose Governance documents include a clear community benefit clause, open membership and an asset lock.

Schools (except private, fee charging schools), whether part of the Local Authority or direct funded in some way, to apply for grants for activities which are clearly extra-curricular. NB Schools must be able to provide the documentation required.

Financial Due Diligence

We expect that the groups we fund will be those:

  • Whose governing body is entirely voluntary (although out of pocket expenses may be paid), (some exceptions, e.g. CiCs, see below).
  • Whose members do not receive any financial benefit, (some exceptions e.g. except CiCs see below)
  • Whose income and assets are used for exclusively charitable purposes (and any remaining assets are transferred to a charitable organisation)
  • That do not pay any dividend or distribute any surplus to shareholders or members
  • Those whose Constitutions/Governing Documents contain a “Dissolution Clause/Asset Lock” which states that in the event of the Organisation closing, its assets will go to an organisation with similar community benefit aims.
  • That groups governance set up meets the 7 principles of Good Governance (

We expect organisations whose previous years income is in excess of £5k will be registered as Charities, CIOs, CiCs or will have some form of other appropriate legal status. This is a legal requirement. If organisations apply to CFFC who have had an annual income of more than £5k but have not registered, then this will be a requirement before a grant is awarded.

We carry out due diligence on any applying organisations financial situation.

This includes looking at accounts to ensure that the applying organisations is a going concern and that there are no financial worries or any indications that this is the case.

We will check registered charities, CICs etc with the Charity Commission and Companies House, as appropriate, to ensure that their returns to the appropriate authority are in one time, and where this isn’t the case, we will approach the applying organisation for an explanation.

If the explanation for a late return is not felt to be reasonable a grant award will not be made, and applications will not be considered from that organisation until the situation is rectified.

Previous applications history

CFFC will check to see that applying organisations complied with publicity and monitoring requirements, i.e. have demonstrated that previous funding has been acknowledged and that required post grant monitoring, including evidence of spend, has been completed and received to CFFCs satisfaction.

Additional Criteria for Community Interest Companies (CiCs)                                                  

CFFC recognises that other kinds of organisation may also carry out activities which are charitable. This may include Social Enterprises, Community Interest Companies, and Companies limited by guarantee.

This policy sets out the guidelines we will apply to organisations that do not fully meet the not-for-profit criteria above but do carry out activities which are charitable and have a clear public benefit.

We will only support such organisations where:

There is demonstrable public benefit and clear protection against private benefit

The organisation has a minimum of three directors, the majority of whom are not paid employees

The salaries and benefits of any paid directors must be approved by most non-executive directors and must be reasonable and proportionate to the work they do and the financial position of the organisation

CICs must have an asset lock body with objectives which are both charitable and like the CIC

We are unlikely to award a grant of more than £5,000 to CICs or social enterprises which allow for payment to members of their governing body.

If you have an queries about the fund, please contact our grants team on or tel 01422 349700

If you need any help or support with your application, please contact the VSI Alliance,

The fund is open to applications from Monday 12th June 2023

The deadline for applications is Monday 10th July 2023 at 5.00 pm

NB Please note the deadline is for completed application forms and all other documentation that we ask for.

If you are unable to provide all the documents by the deadline day, you must contact us prior to the deadline closing, and we can consider whether you are able to apply.

Applicants will hear whether they have been successful by Friday 11th August 2023.