“CLUBS IN CRISIS” The Funding.

Made By Sport and Community Foundation for Calderdale

What is the funding for?

Sports clubs or organisations working within the sport for development sector (this includes any physical activity), which are able to demonstrate that the Covid-19 pandemic has adversely affected them, either operationally or financially, and which require funding to save, resume or adapt their activity.

How much can I apply for?

A one-off grant of up to £3,000. This is made up of £2,021 from Made By Sport and the rest topped up from CFFC funds.

What can the funding be spent on?

The funding is unrestricted so can be spent on core costs as well as on programme or capital costs. Funds can also be used towards match funding or for leverage for a larger programme. The funding would not be able to be used for either debt repayment or for costs incurred before the funding was agreed.

Are there any other conditions of the grant?

No, but we are interested in the funding being used for two things and will ask you about this in the end of project reporting:

• As the funding is unrestricted, we’d love to see it used as match funding to leverage other funds for your club or organisation.

• We’d also like to see how it can be used to ensure the sustainability of your club.

What cannot be funded

  • General appeals
  • Retrospective applications (i.e. the funding of activities that have already taken place or the repayment of money that has already been spent)
  • Projects that would normally have been funded from statutory sources (e.g. Calderdale CMBC, the local Education Authority, Social Services or Central Government).
  • Religious activities or projects that promote religion, although we may fund activities carried out by faith groups for wider community benefit.
  • Political activities.
  • Projects where the main beneficiaries are animals

2. Eligibility

Who can apply?

Clubs or organisations which intentionally use sport to deliver wider social outcomes. The organisations we are looking for operate mostly in disadvantaged communities, often working collaboratively with other partners to meet local need and may offer cross-sector activities.

Specifically, we will fund clubs and organisations which can demonstrate that they are using sport to work towards one or more of the following outcomes:

  • Developing Life Skills
  • Improving Mental Health
  • Reducing Crime and Anti-Social Behaviour
  • Developing Employability Skills
  • Building Stronger Communities

Eligible Organisations can be:

• Charities registered in the UK

• Social enterprises and Community Interest Companies

• Other not-for profit organisations

• Organisations with an annual turnover of up to £75,000 with the following priorities:

   Priority 1 – Up to £25,000

   Priority 2 – Up to £50,000

   Priority 3 – Up to £75,000

Who cannot apply?

• Community sports clubs and organisations which only focus on developing and widening opportunities to participate (traditionally those voluntary sports clubs and organisations overseen by governing bodies) which are not intentionally working towards one of the five sport for development outcomes:

• Organisations that are unable to demonstrate that the pandemic has affected them, either operationally or financially.

• Organisations constituted and operating outside of the UK.

• Individuals

• Sole traders

• Private companies

• Government-linked bodies (excluding clubs who have received National lottery or Sport England Funding)

•  Organisations with an annual turnover of over £75,000.

3. The Process

When can I apply?

The Fund will be open for applications on April 12th 2021at 9am and close on May 12th 2021 at Noon.

How do I apply?

Applications will only be accepted online, via this link:


How much can you apply for?

You can apply for grants up to £3000. (£2021 will come from Made By Sport)

What should be included in an application?

Applications will be scored on:

a)  demonstration of how your project will fit the outcomes listed above and in the appendices below.


b) documentation supplied re: eligibility and fulfilment of criteria

c) project budget – is it reasonable and based on worked out costs?

d) compliance with monitoring, marketing etc and other agreed requirements regarding   

    previous grants awarded to applicants by CFFC

e) the financial stability of the organisation

Monitoring and Evaluation

Monitoring will be undertaken via a survey.  A link will be emailed to successful applicants when the project has completed.


Please read the following text before beginning your application

The maximum amount that can be applied for is £3,000.  Your application will not be accepted if it is for more than this amount.  Please email Rob Billson, Grants Manager, rob@cffc.co.uk to discuss other funding opportunities.

It is a condition of applying for grants and funding from The Community Foundation that you FIRST carefully read, understand and accept all the relevant information we have provided BEFORE applying.  This includes relevant guidelines, terms and conditions of grants and funding, for this fund see www.cffc.co.uk

Please read our privacy policy here – www.cffc.co.uk/privacy-notice

All supporting documentation requested must be supplied by the advertised closing date. If the documentation and information is not supplied, the application WILL NOT be progressed.  If you cannot supply documentation by the closing date please contact rob@cffc.co.uk

If you or your group need support with the application process, or with any supporting documentation.  Please contact Calderdale VSI Alliance on 01422 348777 or info@vsialliance.org.uk

Please note ticking the box below give us consent to hold your data.  This will be held in accordance with GDPR and data protection regulations.  If you do not wish us to hold your data please contact us on 01422 43838

If you are unsure about any of the above text or have any other queries then please contact The Grants Team via e-mail grants@cffc.co.uk

 Appendix 1 – Defining Sport for Development

What differentiates sport for development from community sport?

Sport for development is defined as the intentional use of sport to achieve other social outcomes and is a powerful tool to help young people deal with these issues. Community sports clubs and organisation’s deliver better mental health, less crime and anti-social behaviour, pathways to employment, life-skills and community-cohesion.

Community sport – focusses on developing and widening opportunities to participate, traditionally within voluntary sports clubs and organisations overseen by governing bodies.

Sport for development – intentionally uses community sport provision to deliver wider social outcomes, usually through third sector and voluntary, community and social enterprise (VCSE) bodies. Mostly in disadvantaged communities, these organisations often work collaboratively with other partners to meet local need and may offer cross-sector activities.

Outcomes based funding:

The MBS fund will only fund sport for development projects and organisations which work towards one or more of those outcomes:

Developing Life Skills

We will support projects and organisations which develop the soft skills that will ultimately improve the life chances of young people, specifically projects which work towards any of the six key areas of life skills development identified by the WHO:

1) Communication and interpersonal skills.

2) Decision-making and problem solving.

3) Creative thinking and critical thinking.

4) Self-awareness and empathy.

5) Assertiveness and self-control.

6) Resilience.

Improving Mental Health.

We will support projects and organisations which promote positive mental health through physical activity, which:

1) Achieve increased confidence and resilience.

2) Encourage positive social interaction.

3) Specifically address mental health issues such as depression, anxiety or ADHD.

4) Focus on general wellbeing and wellness.

Reducing Crime and Anti-Social Behaviour

We will support projects and organisations which reduce crime and anti-social behaviour, either through providing diversionary activities at key times, or through modifying and promoting positive behaviour.

Developing Employability Skills

We will support projects and organisations which either develop employability skills or those which provide actual pathways to employment.

To differentiate projects working towards this outcome from projects working towards the general soft skills outcome, we will prioritise projects working towards one of the following three outcomes, for young people aged 16 and above:

1) Communication and interpersonal skills, including working well with others.

2) Reliability and dependability, including meeting deadlines and turning up on time.

3) The ability and willingness to learn new skills, whether job-specific or more general.

In terms of specific pathways to employment, we will include funding for volunteer pathways and qualifications in sport.

Building Stronger Communities

We will support projects and organisations which build and rebuild communities, for example:

1) Those which encourage integration or bridge divides between groups of people.

2) Those providing opportunities for vulnerable or marginalised groups.

We appreciate that many projects and organisations may work towards more than one of these outcomes and will ensure that this can be demonstrated through the application process

If you are unsure about any of the above text or have any other queries then please contact the Grants Team via e-mail at grants@cffc.co.uk