Let’s Create Fund

Community Foundation for Calderdale has a small pot of funding via  Arts Council England for creative and cultural projects to celebrate the Queens Platinum Jubilee.

“Let’s Create Jubilee Fund The Let’s Create Jubilee Fund will support voluntary and community groups to develop creative and cultural activities as part of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations in June 2022. The fund is open to voluntary and community organisations with charitable aims and working towards a common goal which does not have to be solely based around arts and culture. This could include youth groups, parent/carer groups and volunteer organisations. However, the application itself has to be focused on creative and cultural activity.”

Partnerships with existing arts organisations are strongly advised:

“Applicants are strongly encouraged to partner with an artist, creative or cultural organisation that has been in receipt of ACE funding within the last 4 years to help deliver their project. Although this is not an essential requirement, in general we would expect larger awards (i.e., 5-10k) to be made to projects that involve a partnership between a community organisation and an ACE funded organisation.”

What types of projects will the fund support?

ACE do not want to be too prescriptive about what form the projects could take – it’s more important for applicants to consider how to deliver creative and cultural activity that their local communities will want to take part in and find a partner who can help them build it. As a minimum they would expect all funded projects to: a. focus on creative and cultural activity (as defined above) b. engage with at least one of the artforms that ACE supports c. be high-quality and inclusive in their approach d. culminate in June 2022. ACE would expect that in any given area there would be funded projects across a range of scales, artforms and types of partnership. They are keen to reach people in areas with the highest indices of multiple deprivation and expect a balance of funded projects across as much of the country as possible.

Why is Arts Council England investing in the fund?

This funding is of course a celebration of an important historical milestone for the country – marking the first time a monarch has ever celebrated their Platinum Jubilee. It is also a chance for ACE to invest in communities and deliver on some of our broader strategic aims set out in Let’s Create. ACEs hope is that it leads to new and lasting collaborations between community groups and artists or arts organisations in their local area.

What types of projects will the fund support?

The fund will support new creative and cultural activities developed for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee in June 2022. Culture and creativity come in all shapes and sizes, so we do not want to be too prescriptive about what form projects could take; it’s more important for you to consider how to deliver creative and cultural activity that your local communities will want to take part in and find a partner who can help you deliver it.

To be eligible projects should engage with at least one of the artforms which ACE supports through its funding. These are:

❖ Music

❖ Theatre

❖ Dance

❖ Visual arts

❖ Literature

❖ Combined arts – including festivals and carnivals

❖ Museum and library activities.

Projects must also be of benefit to people and/or communities in England.

Public-facing activity should take place in June near the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Weekend. The project end date can be in August to include any evaluation and final payments.

Who can apply?

The fund is open to voluntary and community organisations* with charitable aims and working towards a common goal which does not have to be based solely around arts and culture.

Eligible applicants will also have:

❖ A business address in Calderdale

❖ A UK bank account in the exact name they’re applying in

❖ A project lead who is at least 18 years old

❖ Been established for at least 12 months.

This fund will not offer funding to the following organisations:

❖ Non-constituted community or voluntary groups

❖ Statutory organisations

❖ Organisations that have been established less than 12 months

❖ Organisations that do not have a proven track record of service delivery

❖ Limited companies, sole traders or partnerships without charitable aims

*By ‘organisation’ we mean:

❖ A group of people working towards a common goal with a governing document that covers the type of project being applied for – for example a charity, a limited company or an unincorporated group.

❖ We can accept applications for funding from organisations working as a consortium, partnership, network or group.

❖ For non-constituted consortiums or groups, one organisation must act as the lead organisation and send us the application. If the application goes on to be successful, this organisation would then be accountable for the grant.

How much can I apply for?

Applicants can apply for grants from £750 to £10,000. However, as we only have a small pot of funding, we are more likely to fund projects up to £5,000 to make the fund go further. If you do have an exceptional project and want to apply for £10,000, please speak to our grants team.

What can the grant be used for?

Eligible costs include:

❖ costs of organising your events and people needed to manage the project

❖ artist fees (both creating and delivering the event); there is guidance available on the fair pay of artists here

❖ volunteer expenses

❖ materials or equipment needed for the event or activity*

❖ food and non-alcoholic drinks

❖ marketing costs and promotion of the event

❖ overheads relating specifically to the project (such as insurance)

❖ costs of making your event accessible to all, such as BSL interpreters, translation services, additional signage

* if costs for equipment make up a significant proportion of the grant, please explain how this equipment will benefit you in the long term.

The grant cannot cover:

❖ activities that have already taken place, or to order or purchase goods or services before a decision has been made on the application

❖ activity that does not culminate in June 2022

❖ costs of routine activity that regularly takes place and is not adapted or enhanced to do something special as part of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee

❖ contributions to appeals

❖ activity promoting political or religious beliefs

❖ activity which should be provided by statutory services

❖ the mitigation of losses and/or debt mitigation

What happens if you are successful?

If you receive a grant, you will need to:

❖ accept and run your project in line with the terms and conditions

❖ keep clear records of project management and finances (including all invoices) and make these available to ACE upon request

❖ provide information after your project is completed, if contacted by UK Community Foundation or ACE. This information may include:

o how the money was spent

o activity and beneficiaries

o impact and legacy (e.g., new relationships or projects resulting from the activity)

❖ respond to ACE and UKCF if asked to take part in any marketing activity. This could include: providing some photos and image permission forms, a quote and availability to do media interviews.

❖ complete a simple evaluation form. You may also be invited to attend a 2-hour focus group so ACE can find out more about the impact of the project. This would either be in person or online.

❖ share news of your funding with your community and more widely using the communications pack provided, including contribute to a national platform, profiling activity. celebrating the Jubilee (you will need to sign up here):

❖ Include the official hashtags #CreativeJubilee and #LottoGoodCauses in social media posts about your activity

Timescales for applications and delivery:

  • 4 January Fund launches and Application form open
  • 28 February Deadline for receipt of applications
  • Feb/March Decision–making panels
  • 1 April Deadline for successful projects to have been notified
  • April & May Grant recipients work on developing their projects
  • June 2022 Public activity takes place

The application form for the fund can be downloaded here:


There will be an information and advice session for potential applicants on Tuesday 18th January at 1.00 pm on Zoom, via this link:


A “Frequently Asked Questions” guide is available for download here

Contact Rob at CFFC for more information, rob@cffc.co.uk you can also attend the information session on Tuesday 18th January see link above.