Legacy Giving

Leaving a gift in your Will – Making your giving count locally.

“I hope my legacy will help make Calderdale a better place for future generations”.

If that strikes a chord with you, the Community Foundation for Calderdale can help. As an accredited charitable foundation working at the heart of your local community for nearly 30 years, we offer two main services:

  • we channel funds to local frontline charities meeting important community needs, using our in-depth community knowledge, connections, and know-how
  • we provide a professional service to individual/family and corporate donors (and their professional advisors), connecting them with local causes they care about and helping them to make a difference in their local community.

Once they have made provision for family and loved ones, many of our supporters generously include a gift for us in their Will, sometimes alongside a living gift. Such gifts are essential fuel for our beneficial work in the community, now and in future. They really make a difference.

A gift along the above lines:

  • can support causes you are most interested in or concerned about, or else we can allocate it to the most pressing current needs (using our in-depth community knowledge and connections), depending on your preference
  • can be small or large, as a percentage of your Estate or a fixed sum gift, and tax-efficient (gifts to us will either be taken off the value of your Estate before Inheritance Tax is calculated or else reduce your Inheritance Tax rate if more than 10% of your Estate is left to charity)
  • can be distributed to local causes quickly and/or invested in an endowment fund with the income from this being used to make grants to local causes year on year, in perpetuity, in both cases through our well-established channels and procedures
  • could involve setting up a Personal Named Fund, potentially with a living gift (enabling you to see the immediate impact) alongside a legacy gift
  • makes a difference: we allocate it to specific causes, guided by your expressed preferences, and ensure these are as impactful as possible.

Along with your solicitor or another professional advisor, we can support you in reviewing the above options and making the choices you are happiest with.

Steve DuncanDL, CEO,
Community Foundation for Calderdale


01422 438737 or

07813 598207