Helping hand for abuse victims in Calderdale

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  • February 27, 2014

Community Foundation for Calderdale (CFFC) pledged to support Stonham Women’s Services and Supported Lodgings with a grant of £2500.

Community Foundation was approached by Stonham who needed to access emergency funding for Adult survivors of childhood abusewoman and children in crisis. They know first-hand that clients who are often fleeing abuse frequently arrive at refuges without any positions, or means of supporting themselves & children.

Domestic violence is not just physical, but also includes verbal, psychological and financial abuse. It can affect anyone and affects between 6-10% of women every year!

Stonhom has recognised this issue and now runs a group in order to help women in need. It helps those with very little, to improve their everyday lives and give them a ‘safe’ place to turn to.

This service not only provides women with someone to help and listen to them but also provides them with the everyday essentials to give them a better hope at escaping and starting their lives

Stonham requested the Community Foundation support woman with basic needs such as food and clothing. Like Elisabeth (Name has been changed to protect her identity) Elisabeth says “I want to thank Community Foundation for the money they provided me with when I came to the refuge. I came with very few belongings for myself or my children, with your help I bought my children winter coats, shoes, and new school uniforms – Thank you for your help in a very difficult time“  

Over the year CFFC  supported fifteen woman in crisis, some woman were supported with buying basic items for a new safe and secure home such as a quilt, bedding &emergency clothing for them and their children. 

Community Foundation


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