Grant application Deadlines

November 26, 2018

Support services for charities and community groups

March 27, 2018

Eligibility & Conditions of Grant Aid

November 8, 2017

Grant Applications Appeals Process

January 17, 2017

Grant Acknowledgement Requirements

July 1, 2016

General Grants Programme

Open for applications

We are looking at opening the Watermark Flood Fund to support people affected by the flooding during Storm Ciara as soon as possible. We will also be opening a new appeal asap.

Please note all applications to CFFC for grant aid over £5000 from our general and donor funds will now be assessed for their suitability for a loan. This may result in your organisation being offered a loan from the Calderdale Social Investment Fund rather than a grant. Applications for £5000 or less will be assessed for their suitability for a ‘hybrid’ loan/grant:

  • If your organisation has over 6 months reserves
  • Is applying to finance a capital project
  • Where either your project or organisation has income generation activities
  • Where your organisation needs a short term cash-flow fix