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  • August 5, 2013 a veritable treasure trove of useful information about goings on in Calderdale. From flood alerts and traffic ‘black spot’ updates through to events happening in your community – it’s all there.

All of this is information is handily squeezed into one website that can be found at


It also comes surging out of our Twitter feed @Firstplacefor  And it splashes across a Facebook page Click here  

 One particularly cool feature is that the site acts like a Transformer (An Autobot not a Decepticon of course) in the event of flooding in Calderdale. It contorts, swivels and re-organises itself into an Flood Emergency News Service!

But…it’s not a proper community website without proper community driven news and that’s where you come in!

We source information about goings on in Calderdale from a wide range of places. We work with the Police, the Fire Service and the Environment Agency to keep you up to date on local infrastructure news as well as streaming from publications such as The Halifax Courier.

That’s all very well and good but Calderdale wants to hear from Calderdale based community groups too. So if you’ve an event coming up or some important news about your work in the area then we’re really keen to get you up there and showing off on our website.

If social media is your thing, we’re also looking for people to share our Twitter feed to help us keep Calderdale folk up to date with community happenings.

 Why would I want to give you content I hear you cry? What’s in it for me?

Mercenaries eh? Don’t worry, we understand. Stretched resources and all that. So this is the best bit… it’s FREE publicity for you and your organisation!

For those of you that don’t have websites or social media accounts this is also a great way for you to get ‘digital presence’ without having the overhead of maintaining them yourselves. (Make our technical monkeys work harder instead!)

So how can you contribute news and events?

For news…easy peasy. If you click on ‘Latest News’ tab, there’s a blue button at the top right hand side of the screen. Give it a click and it’ll automatically open up an email. Fill your content in, press send and it’ll whizzy its way on over to us. We’ll have a look at it (maybe do a bit of tinkering)

P.S Pictures are great. They bring a lot more life to your content, just be careful to make sure you have got permissions for us to use the photo’s.

For events…even easier. Click on the ‘Events’ tabsee the green button?  Click that, fill out your info click submit, again it’ll come hurtling over to us for approval and away we go.

We are really looking Lto hearing from all of you at First place 



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