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Working with local businesses in Calderdale

Your Community Foundation

Investing in Calderdale Communities. This is your community. This is your Community Foundation. Welcome.

Award Winning Foundation

Winners of the Halifax Courier Community Spirit Awards 2013 - Best New Charity (Project) - Cycle for Work - Outstanding Individual Achievement Award

Supporting Local Groups

Assisting you and your client

The Community Foundation for Calderdale shares your client’s wish that each charitable gift achieves maximum impact and aligns with deeply held philanthropic goals.

The essentials of strong charitable planning, in our view, require professional management, meaningful and personal community connections, and attractive tax advantages. For your clients interested in giving now, or in deferred giving options, here is how the Community Foundation works with you and your clients:

Donor services

We provide all administrative services related to a donor’s fund, including accounting, auditing, financial management, due diligence, grant making and evaluation. As a result, your client can fully enjoy the pleasure of giving without the administrative burden. The Community Foundation's professional staff are accessible and supportive. We excel at - and personally enjoy - connecting donors and their areas of interest with the needs and aspirations of Calderdale people.

Individualised charitable goals

Our depth and breadth of experience allow us to assist your clients with diverse philanthropic goals:

  • Multiple Charities - we regularly assist clients in giving to many local charities
  • Legacy Giving - when your clients want to create a personal or family legacy in the community, we can help them achieve their long-term vision

Professional asset management

Your client’s donated assets are professionally managed according to the investment policy established by the Community Foundation’s board of directors. Each fund is pooled and invested as part of our total assets portfolio. This results in lower management fees, greater investment diversification, minimised investment risk - and a bigger local difference from each and every pound invested with us for Calderdale causes and communities.


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